Thai Curry Sauce

Blue Elephant Thai Premium curry pastes are all natural, vegan friendly, made with 100% Thai ingredients and super easy to use !

Created by Chef Nooror for our Blue Elephant Chefs, they will enable you to cook restaurant-quality dished at home in just 10 minutes !

Ready to Eat Curry Sauce & Sou[

Blue Elephant Thai Premium Curry Sauces are ready-to-heat and already contains fresh Thai herbs to highlight these authentic recipes.

Just add the protein of your choice (and more vegetables if your wish) and you will get in 5 min a restaurant-quality Curry Meal for two ! All natural, 100% Thai and so easy to use!

Premium Thai Ingredients

We have everything you need to cook authentic Thai Cuisine at home ! All our ingredients are 100% Thai and carefully selected by Master Chef Nooror to bring the best of Thai quality to you, anytime – anywhere.

Premium Thai Sauces

Blue Elephant Thai Premium sauces are made with 100% Thai ingredients and are ready-to-use ! Created by Chef Nooror to bring to your home the taste of Royal Thai Cuisine in just a spoonful!

A wide range of authentic dipping and Thai-inspired dressing sauces to spice-up your dishes.

Thai Cooking Set

Blue Elephant Thai Premium Cooking sets conveniently gathers all specific ingredients you need to cook a tasty and authentic Thai dish for two !

Tasty soups, stir-fry noodles, or even curries… you will just need a couple of easy-to-find fresh ingredients to make, in just a few minutes, a restaurant-quality meal at home.