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Its jasmine color long grains, which become soft and slightly sticky when cooked, go perfectly with Thai cuisine and curries as they subtly highlight their taste.


Thai jasmine rice (Hom Mali) has been crowned the world best rice variety for its flavor and fragrance for several consecutive years by the international rice trace convention ! The rice varieties are judged according to four criterias: aroma, taste, texture, and shape of the rice grain…. no doubt this incredible variety with very distinctive fragrance wins over everybody’s hearts. “Thai Hom Mali” breed which is also known as the Queen of Rice for its natural pandan-like aroma. To make sure you get the best of it, we at Blue Elephant source exclusively 100% Thai Jasmine rice thanks to a precise sorting process. Although Thai Jasmine Rice is grown in many parts of Thailand, we thrive to source it mainly from Isaan (North East of Thailand), in the Surin province, where the soil makes probably the best quality of Hom Mali

Country of Origin: Thailand