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White pepper is processed when the berries of the pepper plant are ripe. The outer skin of the berry is removed, leaving only the white peppercorn. Its flavour is more earthy and spicy as compared to black pepper, which has a more pungent aroma. This product is free from dye and preservatives. Store in an airtight container in a dark and dry space.


Our Redman Ground White Pepper is from Malaysia and is made from the seed of the peppercorn.

How to use
As ground spices like this become stale quite quickly, it should be used within 6 months. Ground white pepper is sometimes used for aesthetic reasons over black pepper. Ground white pepper is used to flavour a variety of savoury dishes, especially in Chinese cooking, and can also be used as a condiment for items like soups or porridge.

Suggested Recipes
Recipe suggestions include White Pepper Creme Brulee with Fig and Prune Compote, White Pepper Pork Rib Soup and Salt and Pepper Tofu.

White Pepper