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Our Redman Western Bread Crumbs are easy to use and very versatile for all kinds of savoury dishes. A crispy and crunchy texture is achieved when the breadcrumbs are fried. For storage, keep this product in a cool and dark environment.


Made in Malaysia, our Redman Western Bread Crumbs are light coloured and carry a light bread flavour. These breadcrumbs are most often used to create a crisp and crunchy coating for your dishes. It is an easy way to make your food crispy, with a desired crunchy texture. This product is available in packets of 150g and 500g.

How to use
These breadcrumbs can be used in a variety of ways which include using them as as a coating agent before pan frying or deep frying certain foods. It is added to dishes such as fish fillets, chicken breasts and breaded steaks to give it a crispy texture. It can also be used to make meatballs, thicken soups, hold crab cakes together, layer into a gratin or even as a creative pizza topping.

Suggested Recipes
Recipe suggestions include Breaded Chicken Cutlets, Breaded Fish Fillets, Fennel Gratin with Walnet and Thyme Breadcrumbs, Spaghetti and Meatballs All'Amatriciana and Macaroni and Cheese.

Sorbitol, Permitted colour (E102, E110)

*Allergen: May contain traces of nuts