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This vaguely sweet and creamy cheese is globally renowned as being the principle ingredient of many Italian desserts such as tiramisu, pannacotta and cheesecake. Recently, it has also gained recognition outside Italy for its use in pasta dishes and as a creamy accompinament to fish ormeat.


The crumble format has been specially studied so that it can be used immediately without the need to defrost and ensures an easy melting during cooking or cold preparation. Given that the crumble is individually frozen it can be separated and weighed before being easilyused one-by-one, which is an advantage over fresh solid products in that there is zero waste.Simply remove from storage, take out the desired amount and reseal the bag before returning into the freezer. Storage: Store in a refrigerator in an airtight container. Even though the product is microbiologically sound after 14 days, we recommend it be consumed once thawed. Do not refreeze once defrosted. Other Information The product can be used not only in "food preparation" (baking) techniques, but is also ideal when eaten as freesh product right after thawing. The product is fit for human consumption without need of cooking.

Country of Origin: Italy