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Alba Shredded Mozzarella is typically made from Mozzarella cheese. The product is shredded and packed into various pack sizes for ease and convenience of use, and it has a free flowing characteristic. It is light cream in colour. Alba Shredded Mozzarella is suited to use in pizza and pasta products where the cheese stretchability and melting properties play a vital role in the product’s characteristics.


The AlbA CHEESE legacy is one of passion and uncompromising commitment. Growing up on a small farming village named Sortino in Italy, Mario and Gaetano Bongiorno, learned the secrets of making the finest Italian cheese. Their father Luciano taught them how to passionately and skilfully make the true traditional Italian cheese that is sought after by many. Having moved to Australia in the early 60’s, the two brothers continued to work in the cheese industry, hoping to one day realise their dream of establishing Alba Cheese. In the late 70’s they bought three properties on Assembly Drive as they envisioned their business to grow over time. In 1982 they opened their recently built factory, thus beginning the early stages of Alba Cheese Manufacturing. With only a handful of employees, they produced a couple of thousand litres of milk per day. Over the years, production has grown phenomenally due to the popularity of their age-old traditional ways of making cheese and has become a household icon in Australia and Internationally. Even though Alba Cheese has seen increased growth and continues to do so, there is one thing that will forever remain constant – you will always find pleasure, in a first class Italian culinary experience.

Country of Origin: Australia