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Cream cheese is a fresh whoite firm bodied cheese, manufactured from quality standardised milk which is pasteurised, with salt and stabiliser added to the curd prior to agitation and then packed.


Located in the beautiful Goulburn Valley in northern Victoria, ROYAL VICTORIA benefits from the most ideal conditions for the production of natural wholesome foods: a temperate climate, a variety of rich soil types, an abundant supply of clean water and established irrigation systems. With the worldwide demand for clean fresh food increasing, Australian dairy products and ingredients are in growing demand around the world. Our guaranteed fresh milk supply allows us to respond to changing market demands quickly and efficiently. Quality fresh milk supplies come from the region’s professional dairy farmers and around 65,000 dairy cows from an 80 kilometre radius of the ROYAL VICTORIA factory. Our farmers are among the most efficient in the world using extensive low input farming systems and environmentally responsible practices. Victoria dominates the dairy products export market providing around 65% of the total share for the Australian sector. ROYAL VICTORIA contributes a significant percentage to the Victorian total as a major exporter. ROYAL VICTORIA guarantees the freshness and safety of all our products and the year round pastoral based milk supply allows us to provide our customers with competitive imported prices, a greener supply chain and rapid response to changing needs.

Country of Origin: Australia