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Our Redman Chocolate Powder is extremely convenient and easy to use. It contains non-dairy creamer and cocoa powder as key ingredients. Store in a dark and cool environment.


Made in Singapore, our Redman Chocolate Powder is a versatile product and can be used to create various chocolate desserts and even drinks. This product is available in sizes of 30g and 1kg.

How to use
Being dairy-free, this chocolate powder can be used for a wider variety of creations, or even just a cup of hot chocolate for your lactose-intolerant family or friends. It can be added to cream to create chocolate cream and it can be mixed into cakes and pastries. You can sprinkle this on top of desserts as well for an extra chocolatey taste.

Suggested Recipes
Recipe suggestions include Chocolate Banana Brownies, Triple Chocolate Layer Cake and Nutella Pancakes.

Non-Dairy Creamer, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Salt Calcium & Vanillin