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These black tapioca pearls are created by mixing tapioca flour with boiling water, and then later kneaded to a dough, and then made into little spheres. Tapioca is gentle on the stomach, and is therefore easy to digest. Additionally, it is a source of calcium and iron. Keep in a dry, dark and cool environment.


Made in Taiwan, our Redman Black Tapioca Pearls are a popular topping choice for bubble tea and desserts. The cooked pearls are chewy and great in texture. Now, you can make your favourite bubble tea from the comfort of your own home! This product is available in packets of 3kg and 500g.

How to use
The pearls can be added into your drinks and dessert for an extra bite and a great chewy texture. They go great with ice cream and cakes too. You can even cook the pearls with brown sugar to create the popular brown sugar pearls found in many bubble tea shops!

Suggested Recipes
Recipe suggestions include Brown Sugar Chocolate Milk Bubble Tea, Strawberry Yoghurt Boba Tea and Milk Tea Boba Cupcakes.