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Spa Foods® is a home grown brand that specializes in plant-based beverages packed with functional health benefits. Refresh with fragrant sips of this delicious lemongrass tea. Most popular for its distinct flavor, lemongrass is a popular herb used in Asian cuisine. This tea is delicious served cold. It’s the perfect daily pick-me-up in the office or wind-me-down for a quiet night in. Available in 5 flavours : Reduced Sugar Longan & Red Date Tea with Ginger, Reduced Sugar Lemongrass Tea, Sugar free Aged Ginger Tea, Sugar free Organic Lemongrass Tea and Sugar free Blue Pea Flower Tea. Pack Size : 15 sachets


Ingredients : Lemongrass, raw sugar Suggested use: Add hot water to 1 sachet of lemongrass tea granules. To serve chilled, dissolve granules in a little hot water, then top up with cold water and ice. Stir well and enjoy. Storage : Store in a cool and dry area away from direct sunlight. Country / Place of Origin : Thailand Halal Certified : Yes