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Food grade oxygen absorber 200cc from Japan. Are used to prolong the shelf life of food product, maintain food quality. Used In food packaging, safe & non-toxic material. Available in 2 capacity :100cc & 200cc


To measure the amount of oxygen in a container : 1. Specific Gravity of Food = 1 2. Food Weight = Estimate of food volume 3. The volume of oxygen in air is roughly 21%. Therefore 1/5 of the interior volume of the container to be filled is the oxygen amount. { Length X Width X Height (cm) minus Weight of Product (g) divide by Specific Gravity (1) multiply by 1/5 For example : Box type measurement : 10cm x 8cm x 5cm Specific Gravity : 1 Weight : 200g Usage Calculation : (10 X 8 X 5 -200/1) X 1/5 = 40cc Use 50 sachets Warranty Period : within 6 months after delivery Workable time after opening : within 4 hours Please store the oxygen absorber in a cool dry place and avoid direct sun light.

Country of Origin: Singapore