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The extra-large Apiwrap is enormous! Big enough to wrap a celery and keep it fresh and crisp for weeks in the bottom of the fridge – a must have if you’ve ever forgotten the celery was there… Also great for a bunch of silverbeet, a head of lettuce or to cover a cheese platter before a party – so many uses. Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap. Eco-friendly alternative to cling wrap. Take note that this wrap are not suitable for microwave or high temperatures as the heat melts the wax solutions. Avoid direct contact with raw meat. Instead, put them in a bowl and cover with wrap. Available in 4 types of wrap : Sandwich Wrap, Celery Wrap, Cheese Lovers Wrap Pack and Kitchen Basics Wrap Pack Size : Extra Large, 40cm x 45cm


User Guide: 1. WRAP - Mould wrap firmly around food or container with the warmth and pressure from your hands. 2. RINSE - After each use, rinse with cold water and mild soap. Do not scrub or soak. 3. DRY - Allow to air dry. Do not wring. Keep away from direct sun and heat. 4. STORE - Fold and store in kitchen drawers until next time.

Country of Origin: Australia