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A new way of conceiving the tart and making this traditional dessert even more captivating and contemporary. THE KIT MINI TARTE GLAM by Silikomart is composed by two elements: 6 micro-perforated rings to create the shortcrust tart base and a silicone mould that reproduces a geometric, minimalist and contemporary decoration. The special rings with an 80 mm diameter are made with a new non-stick plastic material, perfect for a homogeneous oven cooking. The kit Mini Tarte Glam is a real concentrate of sweetness and modernity that allows the creation of modern tarts with an extraordinary decoration on the top. Size Mould: Ø 70 h 18 mm, Size Ring:Ø 80 h 20 mm, Volume: 46ml, x 6 tot. 276ml


Silikomart supports the pioneers of this art. We transform the creative genius of some of the greatest pastry chefs of our time into extraordinary and revolutionary works of art. Italian design and production: a unique combination and a guarantee of quality and excellence throughout the world.

Country of Origin: Italy