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The KAISER brand from Germany is all about passion for baking and a love of home cooking, as well as inspiration, creativity and pleasure. For more than 100 years, the KAISER brand has been a reliable partner for the home baker and offers suitable equipment for each stage of baking process : preparing, baking, decorating and serving. The loaf pan is one of the traditional baking pan shapes - it is perfect for cakes and breads with angles. The rectangular loaf pan is as wide as it is high; it is used to prepare sweet and savory baked goods, for instance sponge cakes, pies and a variety of loaf breads. It always provide excellent baking features and can withstand high temperatures. Available in 2 sizes : 25cm and 30cm Dimension : 30cm x 8cm


Wash and Care instruction 1. Soak mould in soapy water, rinse and towel dry before first use 2. After baking, soak mould in soapy water, use sponge and not scouring pad to wash the mould. Rinse and towel dry before storage 3. Avoid using sharp object to scrap or clean the moulds

Country of Origin: Germany