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Melt the isomalt crystals in a microwave and pull into your desired mould. Caution: It is extremely hot when heated. It is also sticky and hard to remove when hot.


Our Isomalt is made in Germany and is perfect for sugar art. Ideal for creating pulled sugar and moulded sugar, this is a popular option for bakers making sweet treats. Made from real sugar beets, isomalt is a sugar substitute that is very commonly used in cake decorations by food manufacturers. It is not as sweet as sugar, but can be blended with other substitute sweeteners for a stronger and sweeter taste. This product is available in 500g and 700g containers.

How to use
Perfect for cake decorations such as doors or windows for gingerbread houses, caramel chews and anything that needs to be moulded into a specific design like flowers.

Suggested Recipes
Our sugar mixed with corn syrup can be used as an alternative.