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Trehalose is naturally found in commonly consumed food items such as mushrooms and seaweed, providing about 40% of sweetness of sugar. Not only maintaining stability and freshness. Trehalose can improve the flavour, colour and texture of cooked food items


11 functions of Trehalose 1. Inhibition of Starch Retrogradation 2. Inhibition of Coagulation in Cooked Eggs 3. Foam Stability in Whipped Eggs 4. Inhibition of Liquid Degradation 5. Moisture Retention 6. Preservation of Flavours and Quality after Heating or Other Manufacturing Processes 7. Protection of Food Structures during Freezing 8. Lower Sweetness 9. Retention of Natural Colours of Fruits and Vegetables 10. High Crystallization Property 11. High Glass Transition Temperature

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