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This can be mixed evenly or stirred into your recipe as needed.


Our White Maltose is a product of Taiwan, and is sometimes known as maltose syrup. A highly dense and thick syrup, this is a common ingredient found in Chinese dishes and processed sweeteners, candy or condiments. White maltose is considerably less sweet than regular white sugar, and is hence widely used in cooking as a substitute for regular sugar. It is transparent and white in colour, and is a great option for that sweet addition to your final product.

How to use
Aside from being an additive to your food, it can also be used to coat your meats such as Chinese BBQ Pork (Char Siew) or Spare Ribs, and provide an additional shine and unique sweetness. It can be used in maltose nuggets, maltose crackers and a wide variety of sweet treats.

Suggested Recipes
Honey or brown sugar are some alternatives that can be considered in place of using white maltose in your recipe.