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This product should be added in as per your recipe instructions. It is often mixed in for a touch of sweetness. Recommended ratio proportion: Mix 1kg of Syrup to 6kg of water or soda water.


Our light corn syrup is made in Singapore and is halal-certified. Light corn syrup is a colourless, all natural pure glucose solution extracted from cornstarch to add sweetness without adding flavour or colouring to the food. Light corn syrup also induces a little vanilla flavouring. We have both light and dark corn syrups available, and you can mix it with other juices or drinks to create your original soft drink. This product is available in 510g or 5kg packs.

How to use
This is often used in any recipes involving sweet treats, and can range from corn muffins, vanilla ice creams and berry smoothies or asian savoury recipes like Korean fried chicken and Tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes).

Suggested Recipes
Some alternatives include golden syrup, honey, light molasses or maple syrup.

Glucose, Purified Water, Salt, Permitted Preservative (E220)

*Allergen: May contain traces of egg, sulphites