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Sorbitol can be mixed into the dish as instructed in your recipe. It can be used in many low calorie and diabetic products. Please note that sorbitol does not brown when heat is applied like regular sugar.


Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol and is sometimes known as polyol. This sweetener is a type of carbohydrate that is not as sweet as sugar and has much fewer calories. It is commonly used as a sweetener in diet foods due to its low calorie content. It can take on different forms - a powder like substance or liquid form. Our sorbitol comes in a liquid form, is halal-certified and packed in Singapore.

How to use
Aside from savoury desserts such as madeleines, sorbitol can be found in almost any dish as it is also seen as a sugar substitute. This includes baked goods, desserts, ganache, chocolates and confectionary items.

Suggested Recipes
Sugar syrup or Liquid glucose can be used as a substitute. Other sugars or sweeteners can also be considered, but the sweetness level may vary.

Sorbitol and Water