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This product should be mixed into your recipe as instructed. As it is a sugar alternative on its own, it can be used on its own without other sweeteners. As with any sugar, it should be used in moderation.


Our Redman Maltitol is a product of France and is a great sugar substitute. It is a carbohydrate, sometimes known as a sugar alcohol or polyol, and is often used when a lower calorie and low-carb alternative is preferred. Maltitol's sweetness, calories and glycemic index is about 75% that of regular sugar. Commonly associated with baking goods, ice cream and sugar-free hard candy, this is a popular sweetening agent for those who have a sweet tooth but remain health conscious. This product is available in 500g and 1kg packs.

How to use
This can be used in eggless chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, sugar-free low carb english toffee or almond cookies.

Suggested Recipes
Redman pure honey, corn syrup and maple syrup are some alternatives to this product.

Maltisob (poycol Extracted from Corn/wheat Base)