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As this snow powder will not dissolve on items that are warm or moist, it is the perfect decoration to elevate the look of your latest pastry or cakes, or even used as a cover for non-so-perfect bakes.


The Goldtree Snow Powder is a product of Singapore and is sold in a 5kg pack. Snow powder, sometimes also known as non-melting powdered sugar or dusting sugar, is a type of sugar that does not melt into baked goods. It is also less sweet than regular sugar, and is often used as a finishing for baked goods or products that tend to be slightly wet. This product is halal-certified.

How to use
Goldtree Snow powder can be sprinkled on desserts like lemon squares, doughnuts and apple crumble, even if they are still warm. Elevate the humble pumpkin or banana bread with this snow powder for great presentation.

Suggested Recipes
Non-melting Strawberry Powdered Sugar can be used as an alternative. Powdered sugar can be used for effect when products are cooled.

Dextrose, Sugar, Wheat Starch, Vegetable Fat (Partially and fully Hydrogenarated) and corn starch