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Icing sugar can be used for a range of decorations for desserts like cakes and cookies, and also creating sweets like candy and fudge. Use it to dust fruit or fruit tarts to elevate its presentation, add colours to the icing to bring your imagination to life, or add ingredients to create delicious variations of frosting.


Designed and produced in Singapore, our Redman Icing Sugar is a perfect blend of corn starch and finely-ground sugar. It is also commonly known as confectioner's sugar, powdered sugar or even 10X sugar. Our icing sugar is halal-certified and is available in packets of 500g, 1kg, cartons of 20 packets of 1kg and 20kg.

How to use
Use as a topping with desserts like brownies, or use to create delectable creations like chocolate lava cakes, Christmas sugar cookies or melt-in-your-mouth butter cookies. Mix with cream cheese and lemon zest for a tangy, creamy frosting, or butter for beloved old school buttercream frosting.

Suggested Recipes
Snow Powder or Non-Melting Strawberry Powered Sugar can be used as alternatives.