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Use it as the finishing touch to your product by sprinkling it at the top. This product can be used especially on warm goods or food items that are slightly wet as the snow powder will not dissolve, but will instead remain on the surface as a topping.


Our Redman Snow Powder is a product of Singapore and is halal-certified. Snow powder, sometimes also known as snow sugar or dusting sugar, is a type of sugar that does not melt into baked goods. It is also less sweet than regular sugar, and is often used as a finishing for baked goods or products that tend to be slightly wet. This product is available in 250g, 1kg and 5kg packs.

How to use
Snow powder is most popular with desserts such as chocolate brownies and lava cakes, fruit tarts and cookies. It can also be sprinkled on ice cream and whipped cream. It is most commonly found in recipes that involve baking and pastry goods.

Suggested Recipes
Powdered sugar and any non-melting powdered sweetener like Non-Melting Strawberry Powered Sugar can be used as alternatives.

Dextrose, Sugar, Wheat Starch, Vegetable Fat (Partially and fully Hydrogenarated) and corn starch

*Allergen: May contain traces of eggs, sulphites