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Our caster sugar should be mixed in evenly as instructed in your recipe. It can be used in a wide variety of baked food.


Our Goldtree Special Caster Sugar is made in Mauritius. This caster sugar is special because it has a sparkling golden hue with a subtle buttery taste. In general, caster sugar, also known as baker's sugar or superfine sugar, is a granular sugar which is smaller than regular sugar but coarser than powdered sugar.   As different sugars react to temperature differently and melt at a different rate, special caster sugar should be used in recipes that specially call for it for optimum results. This product is available in 250g and 1kg packets.

How to use
When it comes to desserts, this sugar is ideal for creating light and fluffy delights like meringues, soufflés, mousses, puddings, custards, sorbets, cakes and cookies. It is also commonly used as a substitute for white refined sugar in tea, cereals, jam, marmalade and wine making.

Suggested Recipes
Good substitutes for caster sugar include brown sugar, demerara sugar, or fine sugar.

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