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Brown sugar can be used in different ways for baking and cooking such as being dissolved in or sprinkled over the dish, and should be used according to recipe instructions for the best outcome. It is commonly used in a range of applications including baked goods, sauces, cookies, caramels, cereals, desserts and crumb toppings.


Brown sugar is white sugar that contains molasses, which gives it its distinctive brown colour, and rich and caramel-like flavour. Our Redman Brown Sugar is made in the United Kingdom. It is commonly used in confectionaries and for baking, and is ideal for cake, biscuit and pudding recipes. This product is available in packets of 1kg and 2kg.

How to use
Light brown sugar is often used in chewy brown sugar cookies, brown sugar brownies, New York-style cheesecake and pumpkin bread pudding.

Suggested Recipes
A good alternative for soft brown sugar is white sugar or gula melaka sauce.

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