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Sunflower seeds can be used as a topping on your salad. It can also be infused into your bread to create a full-grain bread. It is best mixed into hot or cold cereals, and can also be layered into fruit and yogurt parfaits. If heating or baking, sunflower seeds should turn a nice golden brown.


Our Sunflower Seeds are a product of Ukraine, and they are high in protein, vitamin E, vitamin B6 and other minerals. They are rich in fiber, zinc, folate and contains fatty acids that are believed to produce better health outcomes such as lowering blood pressure. Sunflower seeds are the key ingredient used in baking to make healthy and nutritious snacks such as granola bars and pumpkin chia seed puddings. Our seeds are shelled and nutty in flavour.

How to use
Sunflower seeds are a key ingredient in Granola bars, pumpkin chia seed puddings and even mooncakes.

Suggested Recipes
A good substitute for sunflower seed is pumpkin seed. Pine nuts, almonds or peanuts are possible alternatives as well.

Sunflower Seed