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This product should be mixed into your product as instructed in your recipe. It can be used in the breading process for an additional texture and flavour, or for keto-friendly recipes. The final product should be the deciding factor as to whether to use Almond Meal, Extra-Fine Almond Flour or Superfine Almond Flour. The more finely ground, the more delicate the end product will be.


Our Almond Meal is from Australia and the United States of America. As this product is finely grounded, it can be interchangeably used with almond flour. This is a popular alternative to traditional wheat flour because it contains more nutrients such as protein, fiber and vitamin E as compared to regular wheat flour. The almonds are blanched and hence lighter in terms of both its weight and texture as compared to unblanched almonds. This product comes in two other textures, extra-fine (90% of particles are smaller than 1.7mm in diameter), which is finer than almond meal, and superfine (65% of particles are smaller than 1mm in diameter), which is even more fine than extra-fine almond flour. It is a delicious alternative for pastry and baking.

How to use
This product is suitable for low carbohydrate products such as almond cookies or almond flour bread, as well as breaded chicken recipes, or keto-friendly banana bread, pancakes and pizza crusts. It's great as an alternative to panko crumbs as well.

Suggested Recipes
Good alternatives for almond meal include buckwheat flour and cashew powder.