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Our Roasted Ground Peanuts are proudly made in Singapore. These ground peanuts are roasted to perfection for additional crunchiness and nuttiness, and grounded into a fine sand-like texture. It is rich in protein, fat, and various healthy nutrients. Consuming this gives one's body heart-healthy nutrients that reduces the risk of heart disease. This product is halal-certified and is available in 100g, 250g and 1kg packets.


Description Our roasted ground peanuts are often used in chocolates, cookies, cakes and other baked goods. Peanuts can also cause one to feel full and is sometimes a go-to for those on a diet. Grounded roasted peanuts are a key ingredient in curries as it is a thickening agent. It is also commonly used in milkshake due to its high protein content. These ground roasted peanuts are much finer than the chopped roasted peanuts, and selection should be based on the type of roasted peanuts based on the size and texture of your product or requirements of your recipe. Store the peanuts in an airtight container in the refrigerator for maximum freshness. How to use With its finer texture, roasted ground peanuts are usually mixed into your product depending on your recipe's instructions. Suggested Recipes Roasted ground peanuts are a key ingredient in curry dishes. It is also a common ingredient used in milkshakes or peanut cakes, or even coating muah chee. This can also be used to create peanut fillings for local delights like peanut pancakes or dragon's beard candy. Alternatives Good alternatives are natural ground almond or ground hazelnuts. Suitable For This product is suitable for vegan, gluten-free and keto recipes.

Country of Origin: Singapore