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This product should be mixed evenly into your product as instructed in your recipe. The final product should be the deciding factor as to whether to use Almond Meal, Extra-Fine Almond Flour or Superfine Almond Flour. The more finely ground, the more delicate the end product will be. Superfine almond flour should be used where recipes require a more cake-like consistency and less strong almond favour (i.e. more neutral flavour) in its finished product. It is used in items like airy cakes, cookies and quickbreads as well.


Our Redman Superfine Almond Flour is a product of the USA. This variety of Almond Flour is the has the finest particles as compared to Almond Meal and Extra-Fine Almond Flour. This product is a popular alternative to traditional wheat flour as it contains much more nutrients and is gluten-free. Protein, fiber and vitamin E are just some of the nutrients and minerals found in this product as compared to other flours. This almond flour is made from blanched almonds and is hence lighter in terms of both its weight and texture as compared to almond flour that is made with blanched almonds. This product comes in two other textures - almond meal, which though fine is the coarsest and extra-fine almond flour, which is finer than almond meal. This Superfine Almond Flour is the most fine of the three almond flour options, with over 65% of the particles smaller than 1.00mm. It is a delicious alternative for pastry and baking, and is available in 250g and 1kg packs.

How to use
This product is suitable for low carbohydrate products such as almond cookies or almond flour bread. It is also a key ingredient in French macrons, and can be used in savoury items like almond banana bread, almond flour pancakes, and keto-pizza crusts.

Suggested Recipes
Good alternatives include Buckwheat Flour, Extra-Fine Almond Flour, and Wholemeal Flour.