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Slivered almonds are a popular ingredient that are added as one of the key ingredients in cookies and brownies. Alternatively, they can be sprinkled as a topping on top of a variety of foods.


Our Slivered Almonds are a product of the USA. Almonds are particularly rich in vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant. Our almonds are blanched (briefly boiled) to remove the skin of the almonds, and are later slivered. Slivered almonds are very thinly sliced like matchsticks, and are thinner and smaller in size as compared to sliced almonds. With its smaller surface area, slivered almonds tend to bring about more crunch to your final product as it is crispier. Aside from this slight difference in texture, they can be used in a similar fashion to that of sliced almonds. This product is available in packs of 100g, 250g and 1kg.

How to use
Blanched slivered almonds are suitable as toppings for potato salad and almond yogurt.

Suggested Recipes
Suitable alternatives for this include sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Our blanched almond slices are the closest alternative to this product that will offer the same taste and similar texture to your final product.