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Gluten Free Extra Thick Rolled Oats are kiln-toasted and delightfully chewy, producing a satisfying European-style breakfast porridge. They are processed in our dedicated gluten free facility and are tested to confirm their purity.


Thick Rolled Oats (and we mean nice and extra thick!) are absolutely delicious. These extra chewy oats produce a satisfying, robust European-style cereal, as well as fantastic baked goods and yeast breads. We utilize ELISA 5 gluten free testing to ensure they’re suitable for a gluten free diet, and process and package them in our dedicated gluten free facility. Today oats are widely accepted as nutritional powerhouses full of dietary fiber and protein. That’s because oat groats contain soluble fiber, which is especially good for the reduction of cholesterol and may protect against heart disease. Their low glycemic index can also help keep blood sugar levels steady and keep cravings under control. And, of course, oatmeal baths are also wonderful for soothing irritated skin. Our Gluten Free Extra Thick Rolled Oats add extra texture to baked goods like chewy oatmeal cookies and are a wonderful addition to “green thickies”-style smoothies--smoothies packed with green vegetables for a concentrated nutritional boost.

Country of Origin: United States