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The Reunion Island's most emblematic fruit, “Victoria pineapple” received a Red Label accreditation in 2005, making it one of France's best pineapples. This delectable yellow fruit with a tropical fragrance has a delicious, tender flesh as they benefit from the sunny tropical weather, surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Ravifruit Pineapple Frozen Fruit Purée sings of tropics with a naturally sweet, caramalized, juicy pineapple flesh, accented by the tangy bite of pineapple pieces in the purée. Its' wafting, saccharine perfumes are indicative of its ripeness and can be used in an unlimitless variety of applications such as in desserts (sorbets, cake, fruit salad, etc.), in meat or fish caris, in samosas and in punch.


At Ravifruit, every product has a different story that reflects the perfect alchemy between our producers’ expertise and our experience in sourcing and processing fruits. This cultivated and shared passion enable us to offer you high quality and consistent fruit preparations with unique flavours

Country of Origin: France