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There is a saying that 'lemons are not real lemons, unless they are Sicilian'. It is because of the soil and suitable weather, with constant temperature and low humidity level all year long that gives the best condition for citrus fruits to develop all their flavour. This is precisely why the lemons in Ravifruit Lemon Frozen Fruit Purée are exclusively originated only from Sicily in Italy, which gives that vibrant, zesty, tangy lemon aroma and authentic sun-kissed sweet citrus flavour and colour. Ravifruit Lemon Frozen Fruit Purée lends a fresh energy to your creations with the ideal balance of acidity and a hint of added sweetness.


At Ravifruit, every product has a different story that reflects the perfect alchemy between our producers’ expertise and our experience in sourcing and processing fruits. This cultivated and shared passion enable us to offer you high quality and consistent fruit preparations with unique flavours

Country of Origin: France