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Ravifruit Clementine Compotée is full of ripe, juicy and sweet whole sections of clementine oranges which impart a citrusy fragrance, deep orange colour and glossy exterior, accentuated by Sicilian mandarins for a depth of flavour. Cooking fresh fruits down to a compotée is a time-consuming process. With Ravifruit Compotées, you can save that effort to focus on your creations. It is difficult to preserve the fruit pieces and natural colours from handmade compotées. Ravifruit Compotées is consistent in fruit pieces, texture, colour and taste everytime.


At Ravifruit, every product has a different story that reflects the perfect alchemy between our producers’ expertise and our experience in sourcing and processing fruits. This cultivated and shared passion enable us to offer you high quality and consistent fruit preparations with unique flavours

Country of Origin: France