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Also known as liquid dye, this colouring liquid is water based and is the least concentrated as compared to colouring pastes and powders. Store in a dark and cool environment.


Made in Singapore, our Cherry Red Colouring Liquid is vibrant in colour and adding a small amount of colouring is enough to enhance your dish to make it colourful. This product is available in Cherry Red, Chocolate Brown, Egg Yellow, Green Apple, Lemon Yellow, Orange, Rose Pink, Royal Blue and Strawberry Red.

How to use
This can be used to colour any food, but as it is not a concentrated colour, you may need more of it to achieve a deeper or brighter colour. This may throw off the liquid balance in some recipes. To ensure the right amount of colour is used, use a dropper to measure out the liquid colouring. Make coloured dough with this liquid colouring and adjust the water content typically used. You can also add vinegar to the liquid colour to dye Easter Eggs.

Suggested Recipes
Recipe suggestions include 9-Layer Kueh, Rainbow Cookie and Rainbow Pancake.

Sugar, Fruit Puree, Permitted flavour, Citric acid, Salt, Modified starch, Sorbitol, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Ester gum (E445), Permitted colour (E102, E110, E133), Permitted preservative (E211, E202), Acidity regulator (E331), Antioxidant (E321)