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Spelt Flour is 100% stone ground from a delicious, easily digestible grain that is a primitive relative of modern day wheat. This whole grain flour can be used in most recipes calling for wheat flour, and is a good source of fiber.


Spelt flour has a mild flavor that is nutty and slightly sweet. The light texture means your baked goods won’t be heavy or dense, making whole wheat spelt flour a welcome addition to all kinds of recipes. Because it is part of the wheat family, spelt flour does contain gluten, but some people with a wheat allergy or gluten sensitivity report that wheat flour made from spelt grain is easier to digest. Our spelt flour is a good source of fiber, and one 1/4-cup serving provides 5 grams of protein. The gluten in spelt flour produces delicious yeast bread, and it can be used to replace wheat flour to create homemade pasta. Interested in baking with spelt flour? Start by replacing 25% of the wheat flour called for in your recipes. You can generally substitute up to 50% of the regular wheat flour in many recipes for baked goods with our spelt flour—or, explore the recipes right here on our site! In ancient times, spelt (triticum spelta) was thought to be a gift to the Greeks from Demeter, goddess of the harvest. Early evidence indicates that the history of spelt stretches back to fifth millennium BC in the Near East. It was an extremely important crop in Europe during the Bronze and Iron Ages, spreading widely in central Europe and especially southern Germany and Switzerland. This may be because the durable husk made it an ideal grain for cold climates, as well as easy to store. While spelt came to the United States in the late 1800s, it was replaced by common wheat in the 20th century. However, the artisanal and organic movement revived interest in spelt, and spelt flour is widely used in the making of breads, crackers and other baked goods. Try the alternative to wheat that produces some of the most tender and delicious baked goods you’ve ever tasted! And explore our wide variety of baking options—including both wheat-based and gluten free flours—from our 100% stone ground whole wheat flour to our ivory wheat, whole wheat pastry, coconut, almond and tapioca flours.

Country of Origin: United States