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Our Redman Soya Milk Powder is a plant-based protein made from natural soybeans. It is rich in nutrients and minerals such as calcium and vitamin D. When added in during food preparation, it can add a creaminess and smooth texture to the final product. In terms of its nutritional values, the soya milk powder's properties are most similar to that of a low-fat version of cow's milk. Our soya milk powder is also halal-certified, and packed in a ISO22000 certified facility.


This product can be dissolved in water and served as a warm or cold drink. As it takes on a powdery form, it should be stirred well until it is completely dissolved. It can also be mixed into baking goods as instructed.
How to Use
It can be used in evaporated milk, no-bake lemon tofu cheesecake and multigrain pancakes.
Suggested Recipes
Some alternatives include skimmed milk powder or full cream milk powder.
Link for Recipes
This product is suitable for vegan recipes.

Country of Origin: Singapore