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This is commonly used as a flavouring element in recipes with wheat flour. It should be mixed into your dough as instructed in your recipe. Some recipes that involve wholemeal rye flour include pancakes, cookies, pizza crusts and other baked goods.


Our Wholemeal Rye Flour is a high quality product from Germany. Our product uses 100% whole grain rye flour, which is naturally low in gluten. It is moderately dark in colour with a strong, robust and slightly sour taste. The flour is highly nutritious, and its properties allow for its final products to have a slightly sticky texture whilst still retaining a full-bodied flavour. Aside from being rich in dietary fiber and iron, it is also a nutritious source of antioxidants including but not limited to selenium and phosphorous. This product is packed in a ISO22000 certified facility, and is available in 1kg and 10kg packs.

How to use
Rye flour is suitable for wholemeal rye scones, whole wheat rye bread and sour bread recipes.

Suggested Recipes
A good substitute for rye flour is buckwheat flour.

Wholemeal Rye Flour