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Bright, sunny and refreshing, the Orange Extract is made from the finest-quality oranges. Its fresh citrus flavour is ready right from the bottle, saving you from zesting or juicing. It is perfect for a wide variety of sweet and savory applications, including jams, sherbets, salad dressings or whiskey cocktails.


Nielsen-Massey Vanillas has been crafting the world’s finest pure and natural vanilla products since 1907,focusing on quality begins by sourcing beans from our network of trusted suppliers in the world’s best regions for vanilla growing: Madagascar, Mexico and Tahiti. Although vanilla remains at the heart and soul of Nielsen-Massey, we are also proud to provide a wide range of pure flavor extracts. Each pure flavor is manufactured with the same exceptional attention to quality ingredients and processing detail; the unique botanical extractives are slowly infused into an alcohol base, a flavor carrier required by the FDA. Like all Nielsen-Massey products, these ingredients are perfectly suited for a variety of cooking and baking applications. All products are all-natural, kosher, GMO-free, gluten-free and allergen-free. Organic and Fairtrade Certified options are also available.

Country of Origin: United States