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Our Redman Chocolate Rasps are convenient and easy to use. Made by shaving chocolate into rasp form, this topping is a great choice for bakers. Simply add into desserts or pastries to enhance the taste and appearance of your pastry or baked good. This product is halal-certified. Store in a dark and cool environment.


Our Redman Chocolate Rasps is made in Singapore and are flaky and brown in colour. It has a velvety taste that melts in your mouth and is an interesting topping to add texture to your product.

How to use
Simply sprinke on top of cakes, cupcakes and desserts for an extra chocolatey taste, and aesthetic appeal. These are commonly used on blackforest cake designs and some Christmas log cakes.

Suggested Recipes
Recipe suggestions include Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla frosting and Black Forest Cake.

Cocoa mass, sugar, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier:Soya Lecithin & Vanillion. Cocoa Content:55.5%