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Our Bakeway Dark Chocolate Chips are from Singapore, and retain their shape when baked. This product is available in packets of 250g, 1kg and 7kg.


Our Dark Chocolate Chips are bitter and highly rich in cocoa. On its own, its texture is hard and firm. However, it takes on a creamy and smooth texture once melted. Dark chocolate is the richest in taste and the bitterness of cocoa is more pronounced in dark chocolate than any other types of chocolate. The chips are delicious on its own, with a fragrant aroma and rich taste, and is a great addition to pastries. Dark chocolate is also believed to have a positive effect on one's mood. Dark chocolate reduces heart risk and lowers blood pressure, and is generally viewed as a healthier substitute to white or milk chocolate. Keep refrigerated or in a cool environment.
How to Use
This product should be mixed into your recipe as instructed. It goes very well with baked goods such as cookies or cakes.
Suggested Recipes
Recipe suggestions include Dark Chocolate Cookies, Potato Chip Chocolate Chip Blondies, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, Mint Chocolate Chip Yoghurt Ice Pops and Salted Dark Chocolate Cake.
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Alternatives include cocoa white chips, milk chocolate and chocolate bars.

Sugar, Hydrogenated vegetable fat, Cocoa powder, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin; Stabiliser: Sorbitan Tristearate; Emulsifier: Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate; Vanillin.


Country of Origin: Singapore