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These white couverture chocolate droplets are white in colour and have a creamy and milky texture. Aside from adding an ivory sheen to your product, it adds a delicious, full-bodied white chocolate taste to your final product. With a higher percentage of cocoa butter as compared to regular white chocolate, couverture white chocolate is considered more premium among bakers. Store in a dark and cool environment.


Our Bakeway White Couverture Chocolate Droplets are made in Singapore. A quality product made with cocoa butter this product is a favourite for those looking for a slightly more premium product. This product creates a smooth and even melt that is full of flavour. It is available in 250g, 1kg and 6kg sizes.

How to use
This product can be added into your sweet dishes as a topping for a chocolatey crunch or melty goodness. It can be used in cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pancakes, and melted into coatings for fruit or cake pops, or used to create a decadent white chocolate beverage. Couverture chocolate requires tempering to ensure that it is heated and cooled properly so that the chocolate sets with a glossy finish. It must not be heated above 55 degrees Celcius or 130 degrees Farenheit and it is advisable to use a candy thermometre when melting chocolate. Chocolate should also be melted in a double boiler over water that is hot but not boiling.

Suggested Recipes
Recipe suggestions include White Chocolate Ganache Cake, White Chocolate Jam and White Chocolate Donuts.

sugar; cocoa butter; full cream milk powder; emulsifier: soya lecithin; vanillin