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Our Redman Dark Chocolate Couverture Pieces have a glossy appearance when melted. It is primarily made from cocoa butter and cocoa mass. The difference between compound and couverture chocolate is that chocolate compound uses replaces cocoa butter with a cocoa butter substitute like vegetable oil, whereas couverture chocolate has a minimum required amount of cocoa butter. This makes couverture chocolate richer in taste. Store in a dark and cool environment.Store in a dark and cool environment.


Our Redman Dark Chocolate Couverture Pieces are a product of Singapore. It is bite-sized and can be used in a variety of recipes or as toppings.

How to use
Dark couverture chocolate is used in a variety of ways from decorations and toppings, to melting for fondue or truffles, or creating a delicious, glossy ganache. It can also be tempered (heated and cooled to stabilise for candy and confection making) to give it a smooth, glossy finish. This also keeps it from melting easily when on your fingers, and is the perfect set up to creating beautifully chocolate-covered delights.

Suggested Recipes
Recipe suggestions include Dark Chocolate Fondue, Dark Couverture Chocolate Brownie Cookies, Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Pound Cake with Dark Chocolate Chips.

Cocoa mass, Sugar, Cocoa butter, Emulsifier: soya lecithin, Vanillin