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Made in Singapore, our Redman Super Tex Bread Improver is popularly used in all bread recipes to obtain the desired perfect texture. This product is available in packets of 60g, 300g and 10kg.


Our Redman Super Tex Bread Improver is a great choice for bakers who are looking to get the perfect texture for your bread. Bread improvers help to super-condition bread dough and also help to improve the colour, taste and overall composition of your final product. This product should be stored in a cool and dark environment.
How to Use
It should be added into your dough before cooking to enhance the texture of the pastry, as instructed in your recipe. Just a small amount mixed in results in a great texture for your final product.
Suggested Recipes
Recipe suggestions include Dinner Rolls, Plaited White Loaf, Pan de Sal and Filipino Bread Rolls.

Country of Origin: Singapore