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Gelita bronze gelatine sheets made from bovine and come in thin, almost transparent sheets that dissolve slowly in water into clearer gel. Bloom : 140


Gelita Gelatine leaf is carbohydrate and fat -free It is colourless It is allergen free and easy to use How to use Sheet/Leaf Gelatin Soak a sheet of Gelatine in a bowl 250ml of cold water for 5-10mins. Once soft, lift and wring the sheet to remove excess water Add the sheet to the liquid called for in the recipe. Calulation Bloom Strength If a recipe calls for a particular bloom strength - say 225 And you have a 160 bloom gelatine on hand. The calculation is as follows: Gelatine 160 = (Weight of Gelatine 225 x Bloom Strength of 225)/Bloom Strength of 160 Eg Recipe calls for 2.6g of 250 Bloom gelatine, the equivalent quantity for 160 bloom will be B=( 2.6x250)/160 = 4g

Country of Origin: Germany