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There are many uses for calcium chloride in food. It can be used as a drying agent, to help absorb moisture that would create an environment where bacteria would grow. It is also used both pre-and post-harvest to maintain firmness, reduce decay, and prevent certain diseases in fruits and vegetables Our product is made by a combination of chemicals. Store in a dark and cool environment.


Our Redman Calcium Chloride originates from Finland and is a food additive. On its own, its taste is salty, and the product is white in colour. Calcium chloride is commonly used to enhance the appearance and texture of pastries.

How to use
It is typically used in food preservation, pickling, making cheese and adding to the flavour of a product without increasing the amounts of sodium. It can also be added to sports drink as a source of electrolytes. This product should be added into your recipe as instructed.

Suggested Recipes
Recipe suggestions include Impeccable Pickles, homemade cheeses and Molecular Balsamic Spheres.

Calcium Chloride