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Som Tam is Green Papaya Salad in Thai language, most popular dish in Thailand. With this dressing, you can easily made an authentic Green Papaya Salad within 10 minutes.


Tom Yam is definitely the most emblematic soup in Thailand! Sour and spicy, this Thai herbs-infused broth is a must on any Thai restaurant menu. With shrimp, fish or even chicken this staple food strikes everyone’s fancy: all the magic of Thailand in a bowl of spicy soup. Adding noodles to this mix creates the ultimate comfort food! The ultimate comfort food! This kit will make it easy-to-cook easy-to-cook, and give you in 10 minutes an authentic Tom Yam Noodle Soup like in Bangkok, just adding some shrimps, mushrooms and optional fresh toppings. Our flavorful Tom Yum broth, sour and spicy – made in Thailand from Thai fresh ingredients only is an original recipe from Master Chef Nooror!

Country of Origin: Thailand