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Our glucose syrup is packed in Singapore, and is a high purity syrup often used in soft drinks, jelly or desserts. This is a popular ingredient often found in a wide variety of baked goods, candies and canned goods. Aside from adding a sweet taste to the final product, it can also give some products a glossy finish and keep products soft and fresh. This food additive can be used in most recipes that require a touch of sweetness. This product is halal-certified, and is available in 700g and 6kg sizes.

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Glucose syrup is commonly found in desserts, candies and chocolates. The liquid glucose prevents crystallisation of the product and adds to the final texture of the product. It also keeps products fresh as it is a form of a preservative. This product can also decrease the freezing point of the final product, such as in ice creams. Aside from being a sweet additive, it enhances the overall flavour of your product. Liquid glucose should be stored in airtight containers, and stored in a cool and dry place. Ideally, it should be stored in a dark area.
How To UseThis product can be stirred into your product, or mixed in as instructed. This high purity syrup can be used in soft drinks, jellies and cakes.
Suggested RecipesMost sweet desserts or drinks can have glucose syrup added to them for a touch of sweetness. Suggested recipes include strawberry jams, fruit cake, decorative icing, blueberry pie and marshmallow.
AlternativesPopular alternatives include corn syrup, treacle or honey.

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