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Our Goldtree Unrefined Granular Sugar has a strong molasses flavour. This sugar has a coarser texture than caster sugar and powder sugar and this may come in handy for recipes that require that crispy and crunchy final product. This product is available in either 250g or 1kg packs and is a product of Mauritius.

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Granular sugar is a versatile, all-purpose sugar that is used not just for baking, but as an additive to hot beverages such as tea and coffee. It is even used in everyday cooking. However, due to the way this sugar reacts to higher temperatures, the correct type of sugar should be used in your recipe for optimum results. It may not be suitable for products that require a smoother and finer texture. Instead, it would be perfect for food that requires more crunchy and crispy textures. This product should be stored in a cool and dry place.
How To UseGranular sugar is often a key ingredient in baking and cooking, and is mixed into your product as instructed. It is also sometimes used as a sweetener in drinks and beverages.
Suggested RecipesGranulated sugar is suitable for apple crumble bars, blueberry muffins and funfetti cake recipes. It is an ideal coffee sweetener, and is often a topping for cakes and biscuits, ice creams as well as crumble dishes.
AlternativesA good replacement for granular sugar is raw sugar or caster sugar.

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