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Our Goldtree Treacle Sugar is a product of Singapore and is Halal-certified. Treacle sugar, sometimes known as soft brown sugar, adds that distinctive colour and slightly bitter taste to your rich dark brown cakes and puddings. This sweetener is popularly used in baked goods, sweet sauces and desserts. This product is available in packs of 250g and 1kg.

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Treacle sugar should be mixed evenly into your recipe as instructed. This is baking typically used in specialty items like spicy fruitcakes/gingerbread. Preparation of savoury dishes and sweet & sour sauces
How to Use
Treacle can be used for treacle tart, treacle apple pudding and even cheesecakes. It can also be used for a wide variety of sweet treats such as oat cookies, treacle fudge and toffees.
Suggested Recipes
Our dark brown sugar is an alternative to treacle sugar.
Suggested Recipes
This product is suitable for vegan and dairy-free recipes.

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